Packet over SONET

Synchronous digital hierachies have existed within telcos for years. Now that the demand for high speed datacoms circuits is increasing, the telecoms industry is looking for a way to make the most efficient use of existing technology to deliver broadband services.

Originally, BISDN services such as ATM networks were used for this purpose. The consensus, especially within the US telecoms industry is that the cost-benefit of ATM overhead is not worth it. Then Cisco started to produce network gear that sent raw IP (Internet Protocol) traffic, directly over SONET without bothering about ATM framing. Now many vendors are producing PoS capable gear, and is proving to be a Big Thing.

PoS is really just a high tech version of the same PPP protocol employed by dial-up internet connections.

I went into SeaTac airport, taking my girlfriend to a plane that departed for the holidays. I was at the United counter when i noticed that the attendant who was checking her in had a PoS sticker on his badge.

"Wow, PoS, eh? I hope that isn't some sort of title." I remarked. "That's rather demeaning". He looked around on his counter, and then on his uniform, and finally understood to what i was referring.

The reply from the young fellow was: "No sir, that stands for Port of Seattle," followed by a brief chuckle.

It definately cut then tension of the moment (they were in the middle of an airline strike at the time), and I hope the brief introduction of a bit of humor made his day better.

Point Of Sale-
1. A category of sales devices including cash registers and price scanners.

2. A type of item for sale, usually placed adjacent to cash registers in retail stores to attempt to increase profit on high-margin items (i.e.- batteries, candy, etc.). Such items are also referred to as "impulse buys" and "quick-sale items".
Short for Parents Looking Over Shoulder.

Just another of those phrases that people who IM on cell phones use, almost always teeny-bopper valley girls use, at least those who have wireless messaging.

Plus, it's in some Cingular advertising.

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