Cisco is a company that makes expensive but generally reliable networking hardware. Their engineers seem to be under some sort of mind control from the management and/or marketing people, as evidenced by the five-digit (US$) sticker price on their LocalDirector product, which is actually nothing more than a relatively standard Intel motherboard with a Pentium chip and a small proprietary daughterboard.

Unrelated to SYSCO.

Cisco is also the name of a particularly vile high alcohol wino wine. It comes in grape and strawberry. Think Mad Dog 20/20 with twice the booze.

Cisco (the liquor) is commonly referred to as liquid crack. It is particularly harsh, despite only being 40 proof. Cisco provided me with great benefit, though. The last time I drank it, I went way overboard and almost died of alcohol poisoning. This, along with some other issues, led me to become a Muslim and give up alcohol altogether.

Cisco comes in a variety of flavors which all taste exactly the same. We used to just call it by the color. The consensus was that the orange would make you the sickest, unless it was so cold as to be almost frozen. I sucked down a couple of those before I opened for Eric B. and Rakim at our homecoming concert. This is the king of rotgut.

Cis"co (?), n. Zool.

The Lake herring (Coregonus Artedi), valuable food fish of the Great Lakes of North America. The name is also applied to C. Hoyi, a related species of Lake Michigan.


© Webster 1913.

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