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"The Cisco Products Quick Reference Guide (CPQRG) is a handy, compact reference tool that details Cisco's product line. This guide includes product overviews, photos, when to sell sections, technical specifications, plus much more.

Cisco products are presented in the following catergories:

This book is published and printed in English three times a year and is posted online at www.cisco.com/go/guide . (You must have a valid CCO login to view the online guide.)

If you have questions or comments regarding the contents or structure of the book, please send an e-mail to guide@cisco.com"1

Ok, information from the guide itself aside, this book, is quite useful to both resellers and users of Cisco equipment alike. It provides an in-depth breakdown of current Cisco equipment from both a sales and technical perspective.

On the positive side, it details the port configuration of all current Cisco models, their capabilities for processing power, an often hard-to-find fact like packets per second and backplane speed. Included in each "family" grouping is a comparison of similar chassis specifications amongst the family. Also, it has a decent (and thankfully short) sales section on the overall features and reasons for recommending/buying said equipment. Best of all, it lists ALL possible part numbers for components of each grouped piece of equipment.

On the downside, it never contains prices for the equipment, and is always American centered - not bad if you live there, but for overseas equipment purchasers, you don't get the appropriate part information. It also won't list the warranty information or the service agreement options available, due to local region support being used for that - talk to your distributor for that.

Overall, an invaluable tool if designing any scale of network due to its comprehensive nature. Only to be used in conjunction with a supplier so that you can get the pricing information once you have designed your networ. Then you can choke as you realise how expensive Cisco equipment is.

1 Taken from the Cisco Products Quick Reference Guide, April 2000, printed by Cisco Systems. Customer Order Number: DOC-785983=
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