Hi there.

Doubtless you've all heard about being in shock? Right? Well, here's a blow-by-blow realtime account of exactly what it's like.

Five minutes ago, i was run over by a Toyota Spacecruiser, a horrible monstrosity of a vehicle that can't decide whether it's a car or a transit van. I was crossing the road. I wasn't paying attention particularly because my head was full of C++ and there are some personal circumstances which are weighing on my mind right now.

So, mea culpa, but as i crossed the road, the Spacewagon thingy caught me in the right hand side.

Now, here's what shock feels like. I can't feel any pain. My hands are shaking as i type. I am dizzy, disoriented and slightly nauseous.

My head feels about three sizes too big. Even though i am currently anaethetised by the shock, i know that i will start to hurt before very long. I'm drinking a strong coffee with shitloads of sugar in it. My co-workers think i'm some kind of superman because they all saw the accident and thought i was a dead man. I am reasonably sure that no bones were broken because i have full mobility and besides, my right side was reinforced with titanium and other groovy stuff seven years ago after a motorbike crash.

I am bleeding from a tiny cut on my wrist. It is difficult to focus on the screen. My neck has begun to ache. I can feel the indentations in the flesh of my arm, shoulder and hip where the impact occurred.

Later on, i'm going to hurt like hell. Right now, it helps to describe it because at least i feel i might be educating somebody.

and kids?

Stop, Look, Listen, Think

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