The captain yells, "We're getting a little too close to the edge!", and I see a tea cup smash to the floor. The ship is an old one, almost pirate-esque, but the crew look like the traditional sailors, white caps, striped shirts. I decide to go down below because I can see that the table top isn't very calm today, it seems to be giving the captain copious amounts of trouble, and my stomach is getting sick.

I go below deck and see an old friend from high school whom I haven't thought of in so long and we say hi, smile, but mostly in passing. I knock on the door to the little closet-like bathroom asking if anyone is in there, and hear a semi-familiar voice say "just a minute babe", perplexing. I wait patiently, leaning against the wall, and out walks Steven Tyler. He looks at me, eyeing me up, and all of a sudden "Falling in Love is so Hard on the Knees" starts playing. I look around puzzled, because I can't figure out where in god's name that's coming from.. and then Steven Tyler asks me if I'll give him a blowjob. My jaw drops, but not because I want to, because I'm completely shocked, and he starts moving towards me. I'm freaked out so I start walking away and he follows, "Aw come on" and he seems to be getting pissed, so I start running. He runs too. I start wondering what the hell is going on and then see the door to the bedroom that was my little brother's when I was ten or so.

I run in and hold the door closed hoping he doesn't realize I went in there. My little brother is sitting there playing with his Tonka dump truck that's been missing for years and I smile because it's been so long since I've seen him like this. For some reason, at this point, I decide to head back up on deck and visit the captain. Steven Tyler is no where in sight. I go up on deck and the first thing I hear is "Man overboard!". There's a guy laying on the table top trying to swim for all he's worth on the shiny, smooth surface of what looks to be oak. They throw over a lifesaver and he catches it, they pull him up on board and the ship sails straight off the edge of the table.

And then I wake up, thus ending the absolute craziest dream I have ever had in my entire eighteen years of life.

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