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A fantastic album by Yes. Far too many people only know this band from their Rabinized 80's hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart", however this band's progressive and psychedelic ability is astounding.

Produced in 1972, Close to the Edge plays for nearly 40 minutes and is composed of three tracks, however they are completely dynamic within their time. When I first heard this album, we had to pull over because it was too powerful at one point (track 1 at 13:45).

1 - Close to the Edge
  i. The Solid Time of Change
  ii. Total Mass Retain
  iii. I Get Up I get Down
  iv. Seasons of Man

2 -And You And I
  i. Cord Of Life
  ii. Eclipse
  iii. The Preacher The Teacher
  iv. Apocalypse

3 - Siberian Khatru

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