After a short 8 episode OAV series, AIC and Youmex, the producers of the first Bubblegum Crisis, split and the show was never finished. The 3 remaining episodes, later known as Bubblegum Crash, were finished and released by AIC.

In 1998, AD Vision provided funding to AIC for the creation of the Bubblegum Crisis TV series, "Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040" in exchange for exclusive DVD distribution rights in both the US and Japan (BGC2040 LDs were released in Japan), and extensive merchandising and character licensing rights.

The story still revolves around the fight of the Knight Sabers against the Boomers/Voomers, and the superpowerful corporation Genom, and their interactions with the AD Police and their agents.

While the sci-fi aspect of Bubblegum Crisis could be continued, many parts of the OAV series had to be left behind. While all of the original characters and suit designs were kept (and changed later in the show), they all underwent significant updating. Some characters were added, none were subtracted, and their introductions and back history were changed. Also, (B/V)oomer designs were more varied, shown as robots in service around the city randomly going mad.

Much of what was discarded is what many hold to be defining features of the OAV, namely the 80s rock theme, Leon's hairstyle (and Daley's clothes). Priss still sings, only the sound is more modern. Leon's hairstyle is as well, and Daley is less, well, "flaming". Also, all the hair colors are much more natural (Nene is no longer pink haired).
Interesting changes occur in the main characters that make the TV better overall. The plot involves a lot of Sylia's past, and her younger brother, Mackie, joins the show later (and isn't nearly as perverted), and plays a much bigger role in the show. Also, we learn who creates the power suits, and that they are severely strapped in active time.

ADV has released all 6 DVDs. The DVDs each contain:
  • A small (really small) extras section.
  • 3 Audio tracks: Japanese, English, and Spanish.
  • English subtitles.
  • Previews for other shows. These have been a bone of contention with ADV, since they come up before the menu loads but can be skipped.

If the following titles appear familiar to you, you are not alone. All of the titles are names for either songs or albums, though the exact reference for some of the titles not known (two bands with the same song title, or songs/albums sharing titles). Additionally, these are not ADV's translations for the titles, nor are they simply replacement titles.

Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 Episode List (by DVD):

DVD 1 - Genesis
DVD 2 - Crusade
DVD 3 - Leviathans
DVD 4 - Buried Secrets
DVD 5 - Blood & Steel
DVD 6 - For all Mankind
*-Episodes 25 & 26 never aired during the original broadcast, fans had to wait until the video release to find out how it ended >_< Primarily because of nudity (read "fanservice").

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