In my opinion, the group LIVE's best album, and one of the best albums ever overall. It's just f#*$ing amazing for lack of a better term. The music, the lyrics, the intensity of it all is entirely too much. Ahh, well, this is definitely one of those must-have albums, so if you don't, well, get it.

Track List:

1. The Dam at Otter Creek
2. Selling the Drama
3. I Alone
4. Iris
5. Lightning Crashes
6. Top
7. All Over You
8. Shit Towne
9. T.B.D.
10. Stage
11. Waitress
12. Pillar of Davidson
13. White, Discussion
14. She Rode a Horse Into My Head (hidden track)

These songs make me want to sob uncontrollably at times, there is just so much intense emotion that it just.. I don't know, it's crazy. If you've never heard Pillar of Davidson, you really should.. listen to the part where it's almost a chant, over and over.. that, to me, is one of the greatest songs ever. T.B.D is also really potent.. I love LIVE with such passion, I really do. They're probably by far my favourite group, ever..

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