The album 'The Distance to Here', released worldwide in 1999, is one of Live's most intuitive works to date. Possessing spiritual, almost inspirational lyrics, and combined with superb, subtle musicianship, the band created a masterpiece that really stands out among their other works. In addition to the marvellous song writing, Edward Kowalczyk's voice is clearly in its peak condition; his tone, as well as his expression, is remarkable. Compared with some of their earlier works, Ed's technical ability was demonstrated to a higher level, as his extensive use of falsetto on many tracks, combined with the beautiful presence of his vibrato, led many of the songs in to unforgettable, emotional climaxes.

The album itself has since gone platinum, and features such hit singles as The Dolphin's Cry, Run To The Water, They Stood Up For Love and Dance With You (which was not released in to US and Australian markets; only promotionally in Belgium).

Compared to their previous album, 'Secret Samadhi' (1997), 'The Distance to Here' is somewhat lighter in sound, yet it still possesses the same kind of mystery and sensuality that Secret Samadhi did. The difference is the overall quality of the song writing and performance; whereas previous albums had work with strings and orchestras (for example on the track Lakini's Juice), 'The Distance to Here' seems to present the live sound of Live. Albeit present in previous albums, the extent to which this 'live' sound is heard on 'The Distance to Here' is quite large.

Stand out tracks excluding the singles include We Walk in the Dream, and Sparkle, in which by pure song writing ability Live seem to have captured something beyond words. All instruments seem to fuse in to one wall of sound that, led by Ed's voice, lead the listener in to an idealised world of love, beyond hatred. The Dolphin's Cry is a single that possesses some marvellous B-Sides; a highlight of which is the song Vine Street, an extremely passionate example of the beautiful simplicity of Live's sound.

What followed this album, V, was not quite as big as a success. It seems, however, that live are due to release a new album sometime in 2003. They plan to go "back to their roots" of rock, which hopefully brings in some of their beautiful work from 'The Distance to Here'.

Tracks include:
  1. The Dolphin's Cry
  2. The Distance
  3. Sparkle
  4. Run To The Water
  5. Sun
  6. Voodoo Lady
  7. Where Fishes Go
  8. Face & Ghost (the children's song)
  9. Feel The Quiet River Rage
  10. Meltdown
  11. They Stood Up For Love
  12. We Walk In The Dream
  13. Dance With You

Live Are:

Patrick Dahlheimer - bass
Chad Gracey - drums
Edward Kowalczyk - vocals, lyrics, guitars
Chad Taylor - lead guitars

Additional Guitars: Adam Kowalczyk and Christopher Thorn
Keyboards: Michael Railton and Jerry Harrison
Slide Guitar on "Face and Ghost (the children's song)" and "Dance With You": Christopher Thorn


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