Perhaps you have a roommate who is a runner, perhaps you married one, perhaps you gave birth to one. In any case you now have a food shortage problem since your runner is "training" and running two or three times a day and babbling on and on about VOX2 or some other such nonsense. This has lead you to wonder: how do I feed a runner?

Well here are some tips.

1. Keep breakfast foods on hand. Encourage large breakfasts. The trick is to keep the runner from getting very hungry. Honestly, that is impossible, but if fed a breakfast the runner will not come in, pass out on the couch, then rise 2 hours later and consume all of your bread and peanut-butter. Breakfast is a good time to give the runner fatty foods. No diet should be without fat, but runners won't want to eat it very often since it can make their sensitive stomachs queasy. Breakfast is the time for fats and starch: hashbrowns, oatmeal with cream, and possibly a sausage on a biscuit. Fiber is also a good idea, so consider chopping up green apples and placing them in strategic tempting spots about your home. Hide a bran muffin in the runner's day bag for best effects.

2. STARCH. The eating problem runners have is caused by a deep need for energy. Fat breaks down too slowly and can cause nausea...veggies are too low in calories to be effective. This leaves starches. The best starches are the most complex: wheat bread, buckwheat noodles, oats. These contain starches coiled up like tense springs ready to release their energy for the runner.

3. Hide the Sugar. The runner will want sugar. The runner will eat donuts with joy, then pass out on the couch and wake up cranky and mean. To avoid this problem hide the donuts from the runner. You see, runners *think* they want sugar, but sugar is not filling and only gives the runner a quick energy fix. If you can’t get your runner to eat the bran muffin tempt the runner with some fruits, which have sugar, but in a less refined form than cookies and such. After a bit of fruit try the bran muffin again. Things will look up for you!

Best foods:

fiber one
buckwheat pancakes

buy in bulk

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