A wall so large, so long, so high, it represents the universe. An example of this is Stone, a world created by the basilisk coven. (See Stone and Sky)

A giant wall, carved with small cracks like the cracks between bricks, angled at about 10 degrees. The scale of the world created upon it is immense yet limited, a dichotomy of existance. Gravity is still "Down" but that means down the wall face. Directions are renamed, with forward and back being upStone and downStone.

The world of Stone is actually the physical manifestation of the memory rods created by the basilisks. They contain all the memories that have existed and will exist.

Think on this: if Stone is an infinite wall, and it is angled, and possibly curved, then the shape would be a cone. If it is a cone, and an infinite one at that, it forms its own base (being infinite), but what happens at the apex? Where do the memory rods go? And what happens to them and the memories they contain?

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