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Ahh, the interositer. A mysterious device of great and wondrous power, its name has been invoked by all manner of great ones, as well as the low and unwashed.

But what is it? What is this technological wonder that threatens so many facets of an advanced economy's monopolies at once that its very existence has been banned, covered up, and generally denied through the years?

Mankind was first shown the wonders of the interositer inadvertently. One of the amazing characteristics of the interositer is how simple it is to construct if you have the right materials or, even better, a reputable source of hard-to-find parts. As such, a video was produced by the illuminati to convince new recruits that the required interositer construction was in fact quite achievable, and would be obvious to anyone had they not furiously censored the very notion.

This was well and fine; it showed a dedicated, lantern-jawed man of Science and his bumbling assistant receiving a strange package of blueprints and order forms, and then proceeding to build an interositer with no prior experience. This demonstrated both the simplicity of the concept as well as the requirement for access to certain parts.

However, a leak in the organization (since plugged) managed to smuggle a copy of this video to a Hollywood producer with an entreaty to distribute it. Fortunately, an emergency response team from the organization was able to reach the producer before he could view the tape, and through mild persuasion managed to convince him to divulge the whereabouts of the tape.

Unfortunately, the tape had already been sent out for duplication (the producer apparently trusted the source implicitly and hadn't delayed). There was the potential for an enormous breach of security, but our agent showed great presence of mind. A cover story was quickly arranged, and additional, hastily-filmed material was sent to the duplicators. They were told that the material they had received was simply one reel of a new science-fiction masterpiece, and that the remainder was forthcoming. Fortunately, they bought the story, and tragedy was averted.

Of course, the release of the actual film, creatively titled This Island Earth, did not work as well as had hoped. The film was so bad, in fact, that a strange group sprung up around it, elevating it to cult status. In a last-ditch effort to discredit the information contained in it, many years later, the networks managed to re-package the information inside a popular misinformation program.

So remember: there's no such thingFNORD as an interositer. What a stupid word, anyway.

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