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Originally a slang term for the railroad; more recently it seems to have morphed into the motorcycle meaning used in the song above.

Iron Horse was a name used by different ethnicities to describe new technology as it spread throughout the world. Native Americans used the term to describe railroads as tracks were laid down to the west while native Africans use the term to describe the bicycle.

Popular name of the Iron Horse Music Hall, a concert venue in Northampton, Massachusetts which, despite its small size, hosts big names in folk, acoustic, singer/songwriter, alt-twang, and similar kinds of music.

The Iron Horse even has its own compilation album, "Live at the Iron Horse", showcasing the best tracks from modern folk/acoustic/etc. music. Susan Werner, Tish Hinojosa, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Fred Eaglesmith, Richard Thompson, Patty Larkin, and others have each contributed a track.

Other typical performers include Rockapella, Christine Lavin, the Nields, Chris Smither, Moxy Früvous...

Having never (yet) been on a pilgrimage to the Iron Horse, I can only report what others have said about it: that the sound crew are wonderful, the atmosphere intimate, and the results phenomenal. I can hardly wait to go.

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