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it's not good to take a stand

"Everyone should salute the American flag". That's trolling. It's an attempt to cause an outraged reaction to a provocative statement. It's also an opinion and therefore impossible to argue objectively.

What does the troll want, in adding such a writeup? What is the troll's goal in this?

To provoke a reaction. To get the assembled worthies stirred up and adding their own vitriol. To cause a dispute. What this does is bring the matter to everyone's attention, it gets people thinking about something which they would not have normally even considered.

In writing a node such as Women should stay home and mind the kids the effect is to polarise opinion. To get people to take sides and make sides. And the more that people add to the node, the more they dispute, then the more polarised their opinions become. This leads to people getting into serious arguments and making personal judgements on others.

It leads to moderate individuals taking extremist viewpoints. It fosters a form of hatred between who would never have come into conflict without the influence of the node. In short, it makes enemies of people who, given the chance to actually discuss their differences in a less hostile atmosphere might well have reached agreements or even become friends.

Adding one's own negative opinions to a controversial node feeds the troll, increases the effect of the node, widens the gaps between people's opinions. Ignoring it is the only sensible course of action.

Just because one may be an activist does not oblige one to respond to every childish and ignorant statement one ever sees or hears. In fact, in doing so, one may worsen the problem. In the end, one's words are only words as are those one may dislike or disagree with.

Letting it slide is a refusal to stoop to their level, taking a moral high ground without ever having to act superior. It's the best way to deal with idiots of all sorts.

Inaction speaks louder than words.

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