The kitchen remodeling problem is where a chain of (possibly weak) dependencies turns a small project into a major endeavor. This may either be a case of feature creep, or it may be due to too many interdependencies between subsystems.

It all starts with a leaky faucet; by itself quite innocent. Most of us have had them in our kitchens at some point in time.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Some investigation shows that it's easier to just replace the faucet than repair it by replacing the cartridge. But while you're replacing the faucet, that seems like as good time a time as any to replace the sink.

But replacing the sink makes it easier to replace the counter-top. You're really getting tired of that pink formica with the chrome sparkles. The stove-top isn't working all that well, and you've always wanted a gas range, so why not replace it at the same time. And of course the oven is attached to the range.

But the new range and oven don't match the refrigerator or dishwasher. Time to replace them, too!

By this point, you realize that the project is spiraling out of control. However, if you're going to remodel the kitchen, you might as well do it right: refinish the cabinets, put in flooring, repaint the walls, and maybe even get a matching set of pot-holders.

When you're putting in the new kitchen floor, just make sure not to notice that it abuts the hallway carpet...

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