Klap skates, also called slap skate and clap skates are the latest development in speed skating, although the concept is quite old (1930's).

The klap skate consists of a spring loaded hinged toe at the front of the boot, and a plunger system at the heel. The metal blade of the skate can now pivot around the hinge, allowing the heel to lift away from the blade. This construction allows for a longer contact time between the blade and the ice during the push-off, and thus allows for an increased power transfer. Also, because of this construction, the toe will not dig into the ice during the skating movement. The spring will return the blade back to the boot after push-off, so that the blade will not drag on the ice. The plunger system at the back guides the return of the blade, and allows for more stability of the skate.

The klap skate was introduced into competitive speed skating in 1997, and with these skates many skating records were shattered.

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