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Kogepan (こげぱん) means burnt bread. He is a Japanese mascot character, much like domo-kun and Hello Kitty, who appear in the media and on various promotional products.

Kogepan has a humanoid appearance, with a large head and two white dots for eyes. His skin is a golden brown with a burnt brown colour on the top of his head. Oftentimes Kogepan has a wisp of smoke coming up from his head, to illustrate his burntness. It may also be interpreted as frustration; after all, it's not great being burnt bread when everyone else is perfect.

There are many interesting characters in the Kogepan world, such as Kirei pan, Cream pan, Ichigo pan, Sumi pan, Mayonnaise pan, Choco pan, Stick pan, Kokutou pan, and France pan.

The story of Kogepan can be found at: http://lazyjuice.com/!/kogepan/

Edit: Story of Kogepan removed for copyright reasons.

Kogepan and friends are copyright San-X Corporation of Japan.
The official website can be found at http://www.ingram.co.jp/inter/pan/pan.html

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