Koro (or "Shook Yang" in Chinese) is a mental disorder that primarily occurs in males in Southern China and Southeast Asia which causes the victim to believe that his penis is retracting into his body and that this will kill him. The intense panic which follows often results in secondary symptoms, including palpitations, sweating, nausea, breathlessness, visual blurring, and bodily spasms. Victims often also suffer damage to their penis during attempts to prevent its retraction.

This disorder appears to occur due to the traditional Chinese attachment of great importance to a man's sexual ability. Guilt over masterbation, an unsatisfactory sex life with a man's wife, and sex with a prostitute are all common triggers to the onset of Koro. Koro has been known to occur in men of all ages, and even in some women who fear the retraction of the nipples and vulva.

As mentioned, home remedies commonly used to cure this syndrome are often damaging. Men will often use a loop of string, a clamp, or even a saftey pin to prevent their penis from retracting. A common and less destructive treatment involves strapping the victim on a platform and having family members firmly hold his genitalia and assure the man that his penis will not kill him.

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