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A form of 'pseudo-German cuisine'. A krautburger, or sometimes German Burger, is a mixture of spiced ground beef and vegetables -- mainly cabbage -- sealed into a bread crust. 'Kraut' traslates to herb according to Babelfish. I suspect that the name is more akin to the perjorative meaning 'of Germany'. The burgers don't contain Sauerkraut.

It may have some relation to the Cornish Pasty, except instead of potatoes, it features cabbage, and krautburgers typically feature a less pastry-like crust.

These seem to be a staple in American educational institutions. They are otherwise difficult to find outside of a Runza restaurant. I'm not entirely sure you would find these in Germany...

Krautburgers, Now with REAL TM Krauts. Yummy.

Kraut actually does mean cabbage.

In Evans, Colorado there is a little shop that makes these over by City Park. Schwartz's Krautburger Kitchen is the name of the place, its been run by the family since it opened and they do indeed make the best krautburgers I have had yet. They have a regular krautburger and a hot cheese that is a bit spicy, though just enough to keep things interesting.

I still can't figure out where they keep getting all these krauts to put in them though, curious.

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