- A swear word, created by Conan O'Brien in 1994

What the krunk are you talking about?
Krunk off!

- A combination of the terms crazy drunk. Or referring to the state one is in after ingesting alchol or other illicit substances. Or a term used to describe something which is hip or cool. Or a style of southern rap music popularized by Lil' John. Or a term to describe anyone getting crazy or wild.

That girl just drank three beers, surely she is going to get krunked tonight!
Did you hear about Jenny taking off her shirt during the calculus final? I must say, that was krunk!
Wow, I just played Grand Turismo 4 on my PS2, that game is so krunk!
Hello, I don't usually do this but I couldn't resist coming up and talking to you. Would you like to join me for some krunk juice and a game of bridge?




This node is a public service for aging white guys who can't understand what the hell people are talking about anymore.

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