Yea, so, shiiiit...I was just cooling down after making my rounds on ENN when my beeper went off...

EDB says check your Message Inbox, yo!

     anotherone says Yo.
     stand/alone/bitch says this is so fruckin cool
     booyaa says neato *sprinkles cheerios over you and demeter*
     Smilin Zack says woohoo!
     thbz says Thanks for telling me...
     flyingroc says thanks for telling me :-)
     proj2501 says hey, you holdin tonight?
     Infinity says hello

Mr. Option says And to think, just yesterday an editor was telling me it "wasn't very good" and that I should "have it nuked." Those wacky editors.

masukomi says well that's cool. but why are you the one tlaling me? masukomi says er telling... stupid fingers heh :) masukomi says dude how the hell did you get a home node pic when you are still level 1? cahla says righteous :) thank you :) WickerNipple says uhm. thanks? mat catastrophe says whooha! :) thanks! revscat23 says thx for the cool on Ayn Rand... Kesper North says woo! thanks for letting me know :) clearpebbles says you one of his buddies? FelonyMPulse says thanks for the flash... jope you enkoyed it Mojo Jojo says any cools? Starrynight says Thanks, yo! bozon says thanx for letting me know ymelup says Thanks for letting me know :-) Acid Dragon says Sweet. CapnTrippy says Thanks for letting me know about the cooling up of my NMR thang! ursus says well that just makes my day FelonyMPulse says chrs for the heads up! --OutpostMir-- says rock on man, rock on Twiin says Thanks for the heads-up...:) Percepied says Geez. I would have figured there many more writeups more deserving of coolness. just a guy says thanks for letting me know and if you talk to 7Ghent, tell him thanks too! Codger says ... Finally, a node I intended to be cool actually got cooled. What'd you think of it? thax says woah, awesome! that's my first one :) NSA says Yes, I just noticed. This is why voting is anonymous, I sorta feel obliged to reciprocate. And me a level 2 with no cools to give :-) Though I'd upvote all his X-Files episode nodes anyway... coffy says ...from Transssss..sexual Transylvania. Uh-huh. :) Temporary man says thanks! :) ebbixx says thanks for letting me know about the C! Thuper Ranger says wassapppp Ninja-Lad says Thanx for the heads-up. Lactic.Acid says Sweet :) thanks for lettin me know (I left right after finishing the w/u) Chihuahua Grub says i *heart* you, Cool Man Eddie. nexxus says nice! i'm pumped nexxus says nice! i'm pumped Big Alba says sick! thanks for letting me know! maxsec says thanks I appreciate it

Pakaran says Nifty. Thanks for letting me know. What do you think of it?

Geekachu says Re: "WolfDaddy just cooled your writeup on Otto Titsling, baby" Thank you. :-) Sometimes, it's tricky seeing where the 'You got experience' comes from if it's an older node. I do appreciate the info, and hope your weekend is -nice- atesh says Oh, yeah... revscat23 says thx Gemini says Thanks man Storm_Damage says wow, rad! that's like only my 5th writeup! :-D Temporary man says Thanks! Sarcasmo says thanks, captain. SSMark82 says sweet! revscat23 says wow, for a cooled node it sure is suckin in the rep dept Accipiter says Word. THanks for letting me know. :D Sarcasmo says what are you? some kind of c!ool bot? interesting. i've been gone too long. Storm_Damage says thanks for the heads up! baffo says Can you answer to messages, man ? tres equis says thanks for the cool reports Torque says good to hear about the cool! Phssthpok says hooray for Pseudo_Intellectual humbabba says Right on. Thanks for the heads-up. Tarquinious says re: xunker C!ed my shaving node? Was this accidental? It's not that flash... Coffee says Thanks for letting me know! artfuldodger says thanks for the info. Zeolite says ah, cool =D bonboard says gracias! whimsy says hey.. sweet! Emperor Roscoe says wow... I Temporary man says Thanks for letting me know! :-) ninar says thanks for the info! Sattmeistes says If you know dem_bones, send him my regards - I think he has forgiven my earlier petulance.! ha ha ha ninar says thanks - how do you know who is doing the cooling? Crux says Cool! Did he tell you himself? suidine says hm, i had to figure out how to msg someone with spaces in their name b4 i could send this... yeah, i couldnt believe he C!ed, i just like the idea of this site, i didnt think anyone would notice my wu muted says yup. Sometimes those things just strike you...=) Zach says thank you. I'm not through with it yet but thank you. =) snakeboy says woo hoo :) Dataknife says Thanks for telling me, I had chatter off :) brutha says Nice, my first one. Also compensated all of the downvotes ;-))) singbat says i'm still figuring this stuff out... how did you know Kesper North cooled the node? forest says Thanks a lot for letting me know. Wow... my first Ching! I feel... the same! (grin). forest says Thanks a lot for letting me know. Wow... my first Ching! I feel... the same! (grin). forest says thanks a lot for letting me know! Wow -- my first Ching! I don't know... I feel so... so.. the same! (Grin) Thanks! See ya around. cow says thanks. Tensegrity says Oh really, when? Tensegrity says Goodnight. Tensegrity says See you later perhaps.... codic says thanks for the heads up on my node, bro:) brutha says nice... the same node got me to level 2.. last w/u missing ;) BJuarez says woah, guess i CAN write cool things :) MrKibble says Woo! : ) Thanks for the info mate RevJim23 says Thanks... are you a person or an automated process? :) core10k says I was quite proud of that one myself, thanks for informing me nmx says whoohoo! my first cool! I feel so, tingly :-) JDWActor says Hey! Thanks for the update! :-) JDWActor says Why haven't you noded anything? JDWActor says thanks for the update :-) how do you know who cools you? JDWActor says you keep a close eye on those things, don't you? rune says yay, that was my lowest wu =) rune says yay, that was my lowest wu =) Templeton says thank him for the cool :) themusic says It's Cool, man! mirko says Thanks :-) moodster says my first cool! that's like... eh... cool :) munificent says awesome. thought it up in a bar an hour ago. muegge says you have, without a doubt, the coolest homepage I have ever seen! r4c says Yeah..there's a couple gaps in the audio/music portion of the database...hopeful ly I can fill it in a bit. Cool idea this...very Snowcrash ParadiseLost says Thanks for the heads up. I had a lot of fun with that one. Much pent up anger, hehe.

EDB was right:


Shit...y'all wouldn't last ten seconds in bump town.

y0 eddie my man, so like yer telling me you had a paga all this time and you never once gave me your numba? Shit, I never would have sent you some dumb ass msg if i knew i could page yer ass... so what's the deal, you givin it out to some chicks and not others? Ahh, I see how it is, you playa.

And whaddup with that... mastu komiee chick, what have you been tellin her that you ain't tellin me? You been sending pictures of yourself out on the net, a lil cyber action on the side? You betta be careful who you sending messages to, because word gets out ya know. You won't be so cool for long... EDB has his eye on you. You go near the chattabox, y0 and you be goin down.

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