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La-teen" (?), a. Naut.

Of or pertaining to a peculiar rig used in the Mediterranean and adjacent waters, esp. on the northern coast of Africa. See below.

Lateen sail. [F. voile latine a sail in the shape of a right-angled triangle; cf. It. & Sp. vela latina; properly Latin sail. See Latin.] Naut. A triangular sail, extended by a long yard, which is slung at about one fourth of its length from the lower end, to a low mast, this end being brought down at the tack, while the other end is elevated at an angle or about forty-five degrees; -- used in small boats, feluccas, xebecs, etc., especially in the Mediterranean and adjacent waters. Some lateen sails have also a boom on the lower side.


© Webster 1913.

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