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When you are learning to speak French, the textbooks will tell you how to introduce yourself and respond to the "important" questions (i.e. tell them your name and where you are from).

When you finally do go to France, you will learn first-hand that nobody gives a rat's ass what your hometown is. Granted, the friendly natives will likely start by asking your name. However, you will be ill-prepared for the next question, which is always the same: Do you smoke? This is invariably followed by another question, which is what they have been really driving at the whole time: Do you smoke "le shit"?

Le shit is the French equivalent to what we know as hash. A joint can be made by mixing some of your shit with the contents of a normal cigarette and rolling it in cigarette paper; you should tear off a piece of thick paper from the cigarette carton for the filter. The final result is known as a European cigarette.

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