Say yes to everything
I write
is that all the Beloved wants?
what of accusations? Liar, gossip, thief

say.... stay... silent
say.... nothing... silent

stay silent say yes so softly
no one but you can hear it

we are all liars, gossips, thieves

they accuse you
and you want to argue! No! Liars!

but we are all liars, gossips, thieves
think of the worst that you have done
remain silent

they need a thief
they need a liar
they need a gossip
they have given you the compliment
of choosing you
you are different enough
you are strong enough
you have said yes enough
you have earned a test

it doesn't matter
if it's true or not
it is harder to say yes, Beloved
if it is not true
stay silent
let them read a yes
in your failure to argue no

defend yourself
if needed
lawyers, guns and money
but lawyers are best
especially if it's not true
though the cost may be high
as you grieve
pierced by doubt
the arrow hits home
as you are crucified by jealousy
by anger
by hatred
by the people you love

let the lawyers do the talking
pick up your cross
and carry it
ignore the stones
and spittle
and cruelty
as you walk the path
laid before you
and if there is a crown of thorns
wear it

they need a sacrifice
they need a scapegoat
they need purification



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