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The codename for Mozilla's new image library, a.k.a. imglib2. Libpr0n should make pages load faster, be more intelligent at caching images and animation frames, and be able to make configurable speed/memory tradeoffs. Currently (as of build 2001041808) it is mostly working, but some images still fail to load, and some animations are garbled.

As said here, libpr0n is a library that has come with Mozilla since release 0.8. The main goal of it is to "render pornographic images in an efficient way" (and since porn image detectors aren't perfect, all sorts of other images are supported as well). Authors chose this name, because "imglib2" was sort of boring. The library supports PNG, MNG, GIF, JPEG and PPM formats.

I guess Netscape marketing department will come up with a better, more marketable name for this - and with even better reason than in case of Gecko/NGLayout. =)

Home page: http://www.libpr0n.com/

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