The strangest part didn't become clear until she had packed away whole 20 years of blissful hope and easy thinking, never hers. The key turned in the clockwork; she turned herself back and extracted the silver lining. Yeah, put me back in place.

Make sure the strangest things are what you find in your own mirror, looking for the loopholes. Knowing the loopholes would have helped her, sweetie. It's the hardest part, seeing you all naked beneath marrow tight and thick as the dust on that girl's memory. Turn, turn, spin for me a dozen-hundred-thousand times over and become stardust.

She never thought to see midsummer’s night against autumn hair and pools of melting ice reflecting back. The opposite of the image of her mother, as that was finally evaporating against somebody more powerful; ignite with cold fire, precise and calculating, worker of emotional magic. Thanks, dad. You've no idea what you've given me to deal with.

Enacted now, this is no theatre play, dramatic arts shall bow, let them all be stringed upon fallibility. She thought; I will never be infallible. I will not succumb to your prophecies, false hope built on a pile of lies. I've never had a voice to speak against you with, but I'm working on it.

Give me another twenty years to perfect.

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