The demon offspring of Lillith.

When Lilith left the Garden of Eden (some stories say she was banished, others that she uttered the ineffable name of God and flew into the air), she took up residence by the Red Sea and there mated with demons (or possibly Satan himself) and began producing a prodigious amount of offspring. One story I heard gave the rate as 100 demonic children every day.

lilim are a race of demons available as player characters in a roleplaying game called in nomine which is published by steve jackson games. In the game the Lilim are the daughters of Lillith the demon princess of freedom, and the only demon who was never an angel. Other demons available : Balseraphs, Djinn, Calabim, Habbalah, Shedim, Impudites Lillith according to some myth (this is not entirely a Piers Anthony fabrication) was kicked out of eden for not agreeing to Adam's ideas of proper sexual congress.

In refusing to let Adam be on top, Lillith disobeyed the commands of God and got given the boot.

Interestingly enough, this interpritation of the offspring of Lilith is based upon primarily Judeo-Christian interpritation of a story from biblical times, but that was never included in the Bible. It's not even in the Torah, but the Lilith/Lilim story has been furthered through the traditions taught by rabbis.

Other religions find that Lilith was the diety of freedom, not the demon. They believe that Lilith's flight from Eden was because she could not understand or handle the control of Yahweh, so she blew out. Some people believe that she and her offspring (although they are not designated as Lilim) are the true spirit of freedom.

The name used by Kaoru Nagisa to indicate humans. According to legend, Lilim (also called "Lil-In") were the children born to Adam and his first wife Lilith. After that, Lilith became a demon who attacked new-born babies and seduced men in their sleep to cause nocturnal emissions.

Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.

Kaoru Nagisa an Angel claimed in Evangelion Episode 24 that music was "the highest culture that Lilims generated". If you listen to any of the Evangelion Music it is not hard to figure out why.

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