Slang name given to gin and tonic. For complete transparency, add a twist of lime.

See also panty remover.

There is an image circulating around the internet - it is a doctored picture of a Southern Comfort billboard. The billboard contains the standard phallic neck of a liquor bottle jutting up into the billboard, and contains the large text Liquid Panty Remover. Needless to say, the idea that a major company advocates their product as a date rape drug1 infuriated a lot of people, myself included.

It turns out that (according to an article in Bitch Magazine) the picture was a hoax. The Southern Comfort people deny ever creating that billboard, and Bitch apologized for showing it to their readers as one of their "bitch about this" items.

So, with regard to SoCo, you can drink up guilt free - you're destroying your liver, but you're not supporting a misogynist company.

  1. In California a drunk woman (or drunk man) cannot consent to sex - if you have sex with a drunk person, and they didn't consent prior to getting sloshed, you could be prosecuted for rape. Now you know.

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