Logical Friday is the end of the work week. If the end of the work week is today, Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, then today is Logical Friday.

If you have to work on Saturday, Saturday is not Logical Friday. In this case, Friday is Logical Friday. Saturday is just... sucky Saturday. Sucks to be you, as the kids would say.

If your place of employment has a casual Friday dress code policy, then you are entitled to dress casually on a Logical Friday. It's probably not stated in your employment manual anywhere, but you can show the the HR department this writeup as extending this policy into non-standard work weeks.

Logically, if Xday is Logical Friday (X being Tues-, Wednes-, or Thurs-), then (X-1)day is Logical Thursday. You are entitled to all of the benefits accruing to Logical Thursday. This would include going out with friends on Logical Thursday night in preparation for Logical Friday, the Logically Extended Weekend, and many many days of Logical Saturdays, which we all know are Date Nights.

If today happens to be Logical Friday for you, enjoy!

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