A meditation pattern with a string central focus, of Buddhist origin. A Mandala draws the eye inward, and aids the emptying of the mind.

A piece of colourful eye candy for Microsoft Windows. Quite Trippy. Inspired by Acidwarp and quite possibly by LSD and 2CB

Mandala is written in Borland Delphi, uses DirectX. Although it is in a proprietary programming language on an proprietary Operating system, the source code is open

A Buddhist painted or sometimes metal-wrought symbol used in meditation and other religious practices and particularly associated with Tibetan and Japanese Buddhism. It usually consists of a seriesof concentric circles, representing the universal harmony, and is often bounded by a series of squares.

In Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2), Mandala is a beautiful town high in the mountains in the southwest corner of the world. You can only get there by landing there with Flammie. There is a temple at the northern edge of the town, where there are a number of magical communication spheres, some from the war 15 years ago, others from random and unimportant events, still others simply broken.

Right outside the town is the Mana Temple where you obtain Shade, the Mana Spirit that gives attack magic to the Sprite, including the devastating Dark Force. Past the temple and up the green cliffs lies the lair of Sage Jehk, who, after sending your party on a number of wild trips around the world and near to the end of the game, lets you into the passageway in his cave, at the end of which you fight the Doppelgangers, carbon copy ghost images of you and your two friends.

You were to seek him out to gain some special item or ability from him that would insure the success of your quest; after you defeat the Doppelgangers, he informs you that the strength you gained while on your travels far surpasses anything Jehk could have given you himself, without any effort on your part. Similar to the tale of Korin's sacred water in Dragonball, and probably to many other tales and allegories.

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