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The mercury dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Mercury dragons are a small and nimble species of dragons. They are very intelligent, but are also tend to make decisions on the spur of the moment and change their mind with astonishing frequency. They can rarely speak any of the languages of men, but they can usually speak one or more dragon languages, but in all cases they speak so rapidly that some people will have trouble understanding them.

Mercury dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out a dull silver in color, as the dragon ages the scales get brighter and brighter until the dragon possesses a mirror finish. They have the ability to open their mouths and emit a beam of yellow light that is hot enough to cook flesh and to set anything flammable on fire. Most mercury dragons have also mastered a technique of blinding opponents by reflecting concentrated light into their eyes from their wings. Older mercury dragons usually gain considerable spellcasting abilities, along with the ability to transform into other creatures.

Mercury dragons do not really have a favored habitat and may be found anywhere that there is a large enough cave to house one. Their lairs will invariably have dozens of traps protecting it, as these dragons are loners and do not ally with other creatures.

Mercury dragons are terribly irresponsible about mating. Males and females alike tend to sleep with anyone they can, sometimes even polymorphing so they can mate with other species. However they have a strong parental instinct and they will pair off and raise their hatchlings as couples. Of course their natural promiscuity insures that most male dragons are actually raising hatchlings that are not theirs. As parents they mean well, but their random nature often means that their young get a less than stellar upbringing. However they make up for this with a fierce protective streak and they will fight to the death to protect their young, even unhatched ones.

Mercury dragons can eat anything but they really like to eat metal and metal ores. It is speculated that their preference for eating metals is the reason why their flesh is poisonous and cannot be eaten as food by other creatures.

My monster nodes are usually based upon material in the various AD&D rulebooks. But they are my own work, as I often expand the information. In some cases I will blatantly disagree with the source material. None of these nodes are cut and paste. You are free to use my descriptions in any material of your own (even commercial material), as long as I am credited as the source.

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