The mist dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Mist dragons are usually one of the smaller types of dragons. They are intelligent philosophers who prefer to spend most of their time sitting and thinking. They like to keep their thoughts to themselves though, and are not really interested in hearing the viewpoints of anyone (or anything) else. The mist dragon's response to most creatures is simply to transform into a mist and leave, although they will fight under some circumstances.

Mist dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out with shiny scales that are pale blue in color. These scales darken to blue-gray and will begin developing metallic flecks as the dragon ages. They have the ability to breathe out a terrible cloud of dense steam that both boils and suffocates their enemies. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. A hatchling can barely do a decent imitation of a tea kettle, while ancient mist dragons can boil entire herds of animals in at one time. As they age these dragons gain the ability to exert more and more control over water, steam and mist. Most mist dragons are also decent spellcasters as well.

Mist dragons almost always make their homes in beautiful areas that are very wet and have lots of water in the air. Favored locations include waterfalls, coastal caves and rainforests. They cannot tolerate green dragons, but are capable of living in peace with bronze dragons. Mist dragons spend most of their time simply laying in the water and thinking. They are easiest to find either laying under a waterfall or on a large rock near the shore as the violent tides come in.

Mist dragons do not form mated pairs. The male of the species leaves the female as soon as they have mated, and the females raise the hatchlings alone. Mist dragons rarely roam and hatchlings never do. Hatchlings almost always survive until adulthood though, because their ability to turn into a mist protects them from almost everything.

Most dragons can eat anything and mist dragons are no exception to that rule. They prefer to ingest mist and rain directly, but most will add a good amount of plants and mud to their diet as well.

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