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The art of secret writing a.k.a. cryptography.

Number 45 on the list of "arts a women should learn" that can be found in the Kama Sutra.


After I read the node cryptography as an erotic art I was amused at the attempt the noder made by mentioning the concept of Mlecchita-Vikalpa. This form of encrypting now is almost extinct. I know a little about it because I have read The Kama in bits and pieces.

To those who may be absolutely curious about what Mlecchita-Vikalpa is, it is an ancient form of encryption prescribed by the Kama Sutra, specifically Number 45 on the list of "arts a woman should learn". A form of writing all women (especially) in the Devnagiri period were supposed to be proficient with. Devnagiri Script is the oldest link to Indian linguistics, which also happens to be the base in which The Kama is written.

Mlecchita-Vikalapa was developed by amorous couples, whose lust could neither afford the exposure ordinary language could bring to them nor could they be satiated with top forms of secure mail delivery system (ignoring the most well bred pigeons, parrots etc.).

As of today I think only those with an exotic sense for written and linguistics adventure use it. It mainly involves interchanging the first alphabet sequentially with the followed alphabet. In Hindi that would mean swapping of “A” with “Aaa”, “Aaa” with “E” (to be said phonetically), so on and so forth. In the modern day not many people know the written language Hindi so if the same set of rules for Mlecchita-Vikalpa are applied to English, the alphabets in order become like this:

A =b

B =c

C =d

D =e

E =f

F =g

G =h

H =i

I =j

J =k

K =l

L =m

M =n

N =o

O =p

P =q

Q =r

R =s

S =t

T =u

U =v

V =w

W =x

X =y

Y =z

Z =a

For example:

(1)Xiz epov zpv boe J ublf b tipxfs uphfuifs?

(2)Nffu nf cfijoe uif zfmmpx usvdl po hsffo tusffu gps hppe tfy!


Why dont you and I take a shower together ?

Xiz epou zpv boe j ublf b tipxfs uphfuifs ?


Nffu nf cfijoe uif zfmmpx usvdl po hsffo tusffu gps hppe tfy!
MEANS— < br /> Meet me behind the yellow truck on green street for good sex!

Some may contend this is as very simple to decode, but as I mentioned earlier in today’s day and age Mlecchita-Vikalpa remains in use only by serious puzzle and encryption fanatics. The Kama has a definite enigma about it. Think of it like this, you get a band of metal (silver/gold/platinum/copper/bronze) for your lover with a secret message inscribed in Mlecchita-Vikalpa, the idea seems sexy to me. Personally because the simpler it is, the sexier it gets.

(Oh! My god, those idiots will never know what this is....Dig it!)

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