I was in the shower this morning trying to make a mental checklist of all the patients posted for angio today and when I tried to put a day against today’s date I had no idea what day it was. So my thought chain tried to construct my past few days schedule backwards from today to the day I last did anything interesting. I kept going and going and going and still couldn’t figure out what day it was today. That’s when I realized how monotonous my life is getting. All days seem just the same. So much so that I could be waking up on the same day everyday… like in that movie.

My inner me said “the last time I did some thing fun and worth remembering was when I hugged that stranger dude in the pub under the influence of the vilest of all evils that makes people do funny things. Wasn’t that fun? The look on that guy’s face was something. I should’ve hugged his friend. Actually I remember now, I didn’t actually hug him. It was more like hanging on to dear life and saving myself from humiliation…...
ME1: Stop! Which day was it? Think!!
ME2: But Brain... His friend was kind ‘a cute.
ME1: Yeah I know. But please, let’s focus. Am getting late for work. Have to figure this out before I get out of shower or I’ll die of Alzheimer’s.
ME2: Shut up!
ME1: No you.... just think.
ME2: Okay.... It was a Friday. Right?
ME1: No, wait. It was Saturday. That’s why I could go to the hospital late the next day.
ME2: Good. So it was a Saturday. Which Saturday? The last one? Or the one before that? Or the week end before last?
ME1: Okay let’s piece this from the day I wore red undies. That was a Monday. I could just feel people’s eyes through my clothes. I could tell they knew I was wearing red underneath.
ME2: Kindly cut the silly talk and focus. The sooner I figure this out the faster I can get out.
ME1: Okay, so it was the following week end when we went to the pub. The next week end I had Sunday duty and it’s been few days since that Sunday. So it has to be... No idea.
ME2: Just get out and look at the calendar.”

I was late at the hospital today. It’s okay to be late sometimes… especially when you hold insightful conversations with your inner self.

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