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Answers to more language equations:

0 = L. (in T.) (Love (in Tennis))
0 = M. (Mostel - as in Zero Mostel)
1 = D. at a T. (Day at a Time)
1 = F. in the G. (Foot in the Grave)
1 = F. O. the C. N. (Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
1 = H. on a U. (Horn on a Unicorn)
1 = R. A. in E. B. (Rotten Apple in Every Bunch)
2 = C. you put in (Cents)
2 = G. of V. (Gentlemen of Verona)
2 = H. are B. T. O. (Heads are Better Than One)
2 = Number it T. to T. (Takes to Tango)
2 = P. of B. on a B. M. (or 2 = A. B. P., S. S., L., C., on a S. S. B.) (Patties of Beef on a Big Mac, or All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, on a Sesame Seed Bun)
2 = S. to an A. (Sides to an Argument)
2 = T. D. (and a P. in a P. T.) (Turtle Doves (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree))
2 = W. in a F. (Weeks in a Fortnight)
3 = C. in a F. (Coins in a Fountain)
3 = H. on a C. (including the S. H.) (Hands on a Clock (including the Second Hand))
3 = L. K. that L. T. M. (Little Kittens who Lost Their Mittens)
3 = L. M. from S. (Little Maids from School)
3 = P for a F. G. in (A.) F. (Points for a Field Goal in (American) Football)
3 = P. into which A. G. was D. (Parts into which Ancient Gaul was Divided)
4 = C. of the W. (Corners of the World)
4 = G. in the N. T. of the B. (Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible)
4 = I. in a H. (Inches in a Hand)
5 = R. on the O. F. (Rings on the Olympic Flag)
5 = T. on a C. (including the S. in the T.) (Tires on a Car (including the Spare in the Trunk))
6 = B. to an O. in C. (Bowls to an Over in Cricket)
6 = F. in a F. (Feet in a Fathom)
6 = F. on a D. (Faces on a Die)
6 = P. on the S. of D. (Points on the Star of David)
7 = B. for S. B. (Brides for Seven Brothers)
7 = C. in the W. (Continents in the World)
7 = D. S. (Deadly Sins)
7 = D. in a W. (Days in a Week)
7 = L. F. (Little Foys - old movie)
7 = S. on a F. P. P. (Sides on a Fifty Pence Piece)
7 = Y. of B. L. for B. a M. (Years of Bad Luck for Breaking a Mirror)
7 = Y. I. (Year Itch)
8 = C. on a C. (Corners on a Cube)
8 = D. a W. (in the B. S.) (Days a Week (in the Beatles Song))
8 = F. in a M. (Furlongs in a Mile)
8 = P. of S. in the E. L. (Parts of Speech in the English Language)
9 = D. in a S. S. N. (Digits in a Social Security Number)
9 = D. old P. P. is (Days old Pease Porridge is)
9 = P. on a B. T. (Players on a B. T.)
9 = S. by a S. in T. (Saved by a Stitch in Time)
9 = S. in T.-T.-T. (Squares in Tic-Tac-Toe)
10 = D. in a T. N. (including the A. C.) (Digits in a Telephone Number (including the Area Code))
10 = E in a D. (Events in a Decathlon)
10 = G. B. (H. on a W.) (Green Bottles (Hanging on a Wall))
12 = M. of a J. (Members of a Jury)
13 = C. in a S. (Cards in a Suit)
13 = F. not in a S. (Floor not in a Skyscraper)
14 = P. in a S. (Pounds in a Stone)
15 = P. in a R. T. (Percentage in a Restaurant Tip)
15 = R. B. on a S. T. (Red Balls on a Snooker Table)
16 = T. (W. D. Y. G.?) (by T. E. F.) (Tons (What Do You Get?) (by Tennessee Ernie Ford))
18 = L. A. (of an A.) (Legal Age (of an Adult))
18 1/2 = M. E. from W. T. (Minutes Edited from Watergate Tapes)
20 = F. O. in a P. (U. K.) (Fluid Ounces in a Pint (United Kingdom))
20 = N. in a D. (Nickels in a Dollar)
20 = N. on a D. (Numbers on a Dartboard)
20 = Q. (A., V., or M.) (Questions (Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral))
21 = P. on a D. (Pips on a Die)
21 = S. in a G. (Shillings in a Guinea)
24 = K. in P. G. (Karats in Pure Gold)
24 = H. from T. (Hours from Tulsa)
24 = L. in the G. A. (Letters in the Green Alphabet)
24 = S. in a Q. (Sheets in a Quire)
30 = S. over T. (Seconds over Tokyo)
31 = F. at B. R. (Flavors at Baskin Robbins)
33 = V. in the H. S. (Vertebrae in the Human Spine)
37 = P. of W. S. (Plays of William Shakespeare)
39 = B. in the O. T. of the B. (Books in the Old Testament of the Bible)
39 = S. (in the N. by J. B.) (Steps (in the Novel by John Buchan))
40 = T. (with A. B.) (Thieves (with Ali Baba))
42 = P. of the U. S. (through B. C.) (Presidents of the United States (through Bill Clinton))
42 = the A. to L., the U., and E. (by D. A.) (Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything (by Douglas Adams))
50 = P. for a B. in D. (Points for a Bullseye in Darts)
56 = S. of the D. of I. (Signers of the Declaration of Independence)
60 = M in an H. (Minutes in an Hour)
60 = S. in a M. (Seconds in a Minute)
77 = S. S. (Sunset Strip)
100 = Y. in a C. (Years in a Century)
147 = M. B. in S. (Maximum Break in Snooker)
168 = H. in a W. (Hours in a Week)
225 = S. on a S. B. (Squares on a Scrabble Board)
300 = S. for a P. G. in B. (Score for a Perfect Game in Bowling)
360 = D. in a C. (Degrees in a Circle)
435 = M. of the H. of R. (Members of the House of Representatives)
650 = S. in the H. of C. (Seats in the House of Commons)
655 = M. of P. (Members of Parliament) (as of August 2000*)
2000 = P. in a T. (Pounds in a Ton)
2001 = a S. O. (a Space Odyssey)
3600 = S. in an H. (Seconds in an Hour)
6080 = F. in a N. M. (Feet in a Nautical Mile)

* This number sometimes changes. I will not be updating the page.

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