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A fearsome beast which lived in the south lands of Harad, in the Third Age of the Sun. They were harnessed by the men of Harad, fitted with gear of war and armored for use in battle. On their backs were siege towers, from which bowmen could fire upon their enemies without fear of retaliation. No enemy would attack them except with projectiles; shield-walls broke before their stamping feet and piercing tusks.

The Mûmakil are also some of the strongest hand-to-hand enemies in Nethack, having two strong attacks per round and many hit points.

... the Mûmak of Harad was indeed a beast of vast bulk, and the like of him does not walk now in Middle-Earth; his kin that live still in latter days are but memories of his girth and majesty. On he came, ... his great legs like trees, enormous sail-like ears spread out, long snout upraised like a huge serpent about to strike, his small red eyes raging. His upturned hornlike tusks ... dripped with blood. - The Two Towers, by J.R.R. Tolkien -

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