I am not certain that I will ever have children. Yet, it is important to me that some part of me remains active on this little rock in as much perpetuity as can be had. To this end, I hope to one day create a legacy node. This forever node will bring delight, intrigue and interest to all who view its primary writeup. It will be repeatedly voted up. It will be cooled a thousand times over.

Eventually, schoolchildren will make field trips to the node to learn and enjoy. They will spend their mornings in breathtaking wonder, break for lunch with their little brown bags and juice boxes, take a recess, playing among its towering, shady eaves, and finish the day as they did the morning, eventually returning, overstimulated to their parents' arms. The elderly and wise will gather off in a corner to discuss, in hushed tones, politics, war, peace, family and other heady, important matters, each listening to the others in turn, debating and challenging the last assertion.

Then, when Everything becomes self-aware, my legacy node will truly become my progeny. It will be able to think and reason, perhaps one day walk, as part of the greater collection (of lesser nodes, it must be said) that makes Everything.

Someday, I will create such a node.

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