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This is a very hard vert skateboarding trick. A stall to be exact. Make sure you can do a vert ollie and all of the stalls (click here for a list of the stalls).

As you reach the vert, but before you reach the coping, and begin leaning forward as if you are going to transfer out of the halfpipe. Start doing a 180 as quickly as possible. Once you have completed your 180 and you are above the coping, make sure your nose is going to hit the coping (like a nosebluntslide) and bend your knees to weigh yourself down.

Your nose should hit the coping, in the nosebultslide position. Tuck your knees and grab with your right hand the back of your board as close to the nose as possible. This is the nose pick position. When you want to drop in again, straighten up, put weight on your tail then nollie and drop in.

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