A phrase invoked, with or without the subsequent touching of the index finger to the nose, when one is in a group and wishes to disavow responsibility for something. The last person seen not touching his or her nose is it.

Of course, if everyone in the group does this nigh simultaneously, the only fair way to resolve it is for everyone to touch their right earlobes as quickly as possible.

In the event of an earlobe touching tie, responsibility shall be determined by good, old-fashioned rock, paper, scissors.

Not it is a method of choosing a player to be "It," for games that require such a role (e.g., tag or hide and go seek):

  1. Someone in the group calls out, "One, two, three, not it!"
  2. Everyone else in the group responds with the phrase, "Not it."
  3. The last person to say "Not it" becomes It.

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