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mission drive within everything
Our goal is to globally leverage existing cutting edge technology so that we may continually provide access to performance based infrastructures for 100% customer satisfaction. props to
That nifty parlor trick with the pencil where you move it up and down just right and it looks like it's going all bendy but really it's just your eyes playing tricks on you.
Rottenchester Is Terrible, or Ridiculous Institute Tuition, or maybe Raped In Tush, or maybe Ritzy Industry Training, but really Rochester Institute of Technology.
I do more after 2 A.M. than most people do all day!
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Self or Self-less?
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/me misses sensei
My name is Kim Slawson. Originally hailing from midcoast Maine, I am an Information Technology student at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, and a proud member of Computer Science House...

Hmm, the above certainly was happy-go-lucky, wasn't it? Reminds me of something Lester Burnham would say in American Beauty. Right before he says "I rule!"

Some people have it all together. Then they forget where they put it.

I'm a packrat. I keep everything. I'm also a minimalist. This does not work out well...

Oh, and if you're curious, I'm male. I have a gender-neutral name, though not everyone seems to realize this. Just to clear up any confusion...

You can email me at My AIM screenname is OxC0FFEE. My address is in EMAR, just don't send any mailbombs, mmkay?

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and yes, as you can see below, I am a bookmark whore.

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