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UK philatelic term; Non Value Indicator.

It's a stamp which says 1st, 2nd, or E, and is always valid at the current first, second, or Euro-class rate, regardless of what price was paid for it.

Current rates:

  • 1st: 27p (all UK, up to 60g)
  • 2nd: 19p (all UK, up to 60g)
  • E: 37p (all Europe, inc. Ireland, up to 20g)

nine9 - care to take Royal Mail to court, then? :) It used to be the case that a 1st Class stamp (at the time a mere 25p) would take a letter all over the EU, but no longer. I wasn't aware that such a law existed, but you'd think that a postal service sould know...

A replacement for vi written by Keith Bostic, and others in 1991 and first sighted in 4.4BSD.

It is designed to be as compatible as possible with the original vi and the POSIX standard.

nvi works with nex, a clone of the ex program.

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