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ok.general is a newsgroup located on usenet that is devoted to the state of Oklahoma By state we don't mean the thing as in "State" but the condition of as in "state". The official newgroup of ok.general is listed as "Items of general interest in Oklahoma, USA."

The group consists, of course, of citizens throughout Oklahoma. A large concentration of these posters are from the two largest cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Although, it is not uncommon to see regular posters from all reaches of the world. Such is the nature of the internet.

The true description of ok.general can best be labeled as the electronic version of those guys that sit on the front porch in small towns drinking coffee and bitching about stuff. Of course, not all of the posters are old. The regular group of posters are often referred to as heathens from many. Also included are your regular bunch of fundies who persist in arguing with the heathens over many topics but mostly religion. And finally we have the regular onslaught of kooks like Ian Goddard who persist that people in Oklahoma agree or wish to here that the truth is out there. Of course this was a direct effect of the Oklahoma City Bombing

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