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As someone still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I'm pointing out this benefit concert, being held for those who lost so much more than I did. Lives, houses, cars, things we take for granted, daily. This is so personal, in that I both admire and hate celebrity. In that, I both love and distrust anyone who attempts to help. That being said, the concert tonight, 12-12-12, is an example of those who have a lot giving to those who don't.

Channel-surfing the other night, I caught a clip of Richie Havens singing with all of his being, an anti-war song. Years later, after he sang "Handsome Johnny" at Woodstock, I met him when he performed at the community college I attended. He was extolling the virtue of capsaicin, instead of heroin. He was so thin and out-of-his-mind, with an adoring young white woman on his arm. Snorting red pepper, in lines, in the new student lounge, that no one had discovered yet. I had been where he was, high as a fucking kite on cocaine, yet claiming Herbs Were The Answer, tisanes and wear leather, but don't eat meat. I tried to connect, but he was temporarily gone, like a kite lost to a summer wind.

Oh yes, the message, the public service announcement, in case you haven't heard. This is not another Red Cross concert, which was broadcast while many places in New Jersey still had no power. Billy Joel, Stephen Tyler and who-knew-Jimmy Fallon-could-sing?, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen....they raised millions of dollars, at a moment's notice. Now that we are somewhat back to normal, this concert will be CRAZYGOOD, for those who still believe in miracles. Above and beyond the call of duty, this concert has been organized to be accessible to all. If you just need a blaster from the paster or old noise for a good cause while you do your homework or housework or relax after work, please consider just listening. With an open heart, and give if you are able.

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