A unique and distinct example of an established form. aka "one-shot". almost always physical objects, often custom-made, frequently seen as highly collectable or desirable due to their individuality. sometimes used to describe an event, such as a music concert.
Primarily used as an adjective, may also be used as a noun.
examples: concept cars. custom jewelry or clothes. especially when made by producers of high-quality mass-produced items such as furniture or electronics.

sometimes used to refer to a recordable cd, or "CD-R".
used in the phrase "one-off billet" to describe custom machine parts.

Can be used to refer to a relationship between two software applications. Example: A client company has an ERP application installed. Examples of a one-offs would include applications which interface with the primary application (i.e., the ERP software) such as:
1) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application
2) Specialized Warehousing software
3) Barcode-reading software
4) Quote-generating software
5) etc.
This terminology is used by software application companies to designate sales opportunities within their client base or other potential customers who use the aforementioned primary software application.

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