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The only reason for the node is that I like the sound of the phrase, ontological. metaphor. Since it's been mentioned, perhaps it should also be described.

This kind of a metaphor refers to an abstraction treated as something concrete. The abstraction may be an idea, emotion or activity and the concrete may be a substance, object, container, or person. The distinction is moot in ordinary discourse, but may have some relevance in computer generated text.

To make the concept perfectly clear here are some examples where the activity is treated as a container:
  • I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating writeups.
  • How did NumbNuts get out of erasing that node?
  • Outside of creating writeups, what else did you do?
  • I put a lot of energy into creating writeups.
In addition to the container metaphor, which we have just seen, you may find, among other ontological metaphors, the following:
  • entity metaphor
  • substance metaphor

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