A need to constantly have something in your mouth. Usually refers to a pen or cigarette. People with oral fixations usually will have ink stains on their pockets from mutilated Bic pens which leak ink once you manage to get that black nub in the back out. Could also refer to an obsession with having everyone's favorite male appendage in your mouth.

When you study Freud in school, you might think that the idea of oral fixation is rubbish. Until one day you are sitting in a bar during happy hour and you notice the number of women who are doing the following, at the same time:

holding a glass-drinking
chewing gum
putting a red plastic straw in their mouth (swirling it around)
talking non-stop
sitting next to a plate of snacks-eating

Then you start thinking, maybe Sigmund was on to something.

In my psychology 101 course, the professor added to this common list of behaviors the word "sarcasm." One might also refer to this behavior as verbal hostility or a sharp tongue.

These people get pleasure out of quips, irony, sardonic humor and, perhaps, insulting others. This makes sense, since Freud posited that our trauma and resulting psychosexual fixations play a key role to the development of our sexual preferences/personalities.

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