One of E2's precious and valuable nodelets. Other Users lists all of the other users who are logged on and in the same 'room' as you. The list of users in that nodelet is ordered by the time of the most recent writeup posted, the user at the top having noded something most recently. Any users with zero writeups or an account that is less than a month old are shown at the bottom of the list. For these users, their order is based on the number of separate days on which they've signed in.

Other Users updates every 5 minutes - for a more accurate picture of who is where check out the Everything Finger - a superdoc that will show every user logged on as well as what room they're in.

A user of tenth level or higher has the ability to 'cloak' themselves in the other users nodelet. They will not appear in the nodelet for the time they choose to remain invisible. All members of the gods and Content Editors groups have this power as well.

In your user settings you can choose an option under 'Just for Fun' that allows you to 'spy' on other users. This will turn on a feature applying random 'actions' to the user names in the nodelet. It's stupid. Give it a try.

The top of this nodelet has a drop-down box for you to select which room you'd like to be chatting in. 'Outside' is the primary room used and 99% of the chatting is done here. A user of level five or higher has the ability to create their own rooms and invite other users to join them there. These rooms can be locked or left open to the public. If the room is locked it is completely private. Not even editorial staff can listen in or join.

Other rooms to check out:

  • Noders Nursery - Level 3 users and editors only. Rarely used since the mentoring program was introduced and the FAQ has been greatly added to.
  • Political Asylum - A room for flame wars, political or linguistic nonsense and tirades. E2's voting and experience system is the biggest candidate and most of us have heard it discussed and dissected to death so don't be surprised when the subject comes up again that a few users are asked to go to this room.
  • M-Noder Washroom - For any users with 1,000 writeups or more.
  • Valhalla - This is a private room for the gods group only.

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