used in computer networks, Password Authentication Protocol. One of the weaker protocols in security terms used for authentication and sending username and password in plain text.

see CHAP, a stronger cryptographic version of PAP

Pap (?), n. [Cf. OSw. papp. Cf. Pap soft food.]

1. Anat.

A nipple; a mammilla; a teat.


The paps which thou hast sucked. Luke xi. 27.


A rounded, nipplelike hill or peak; anything resembling a nipple in shape; a mamelon.



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Pap, n. [Cf. D. pap, G. pappe, both perh. fr. L. papa, pappa, the word with which infants call for food: cf. It. pappa.]


A soft food for infants, made of bread boiled or softtened in milk or water.


Nourishment or support from official patronage; as, treasury pap.

[Colloq. & Contemptuous]


The pulp of fruit.



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Pap, v. t.

To feed with pap.

Beau. & Fl.


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