The result of using too strong a scent, or too much of a nice scent. This happens mostly on people, but may happen with products in stores, too. It's often done by women whose senses are dulled and apply too much, but men also may use far too much cheap aftershave or Old Spice. Members of both sexes often wear this because they chose to apply a scent in lieu of showering. In stores, tasting perfume means you've drifted too close to the cologne, candle, or incense area.

The taste is always pretty awful and chemical-ly, and the sensation of smelling it and tasting it simultaneously is disturbing. It also tends to give me a headache about one in five times I experience it. My mom has it worse; if she can taste it, it's way too late for her not to get the headache. Often when somebody who is wearing this is in a place for a while, they imprint it on the area, and you can still taste it for a while after they leave. This isn't so bad in public, but sucks when they imprint on your house.

Avon scents, I've noticed, are always "tastier" than most store colognes, and tend to give headaches more often. Cheapo generic knock-off scents are bad too, especially since the people buying them seem more likely to use an offensive amount. K-Mart's candles are also notorious, and are to be avoided.

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