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Yes, i know it seems stupid. Sure, they might have made you do it in school or something. But really, how hard is it to haul your ass to some store and buy a bunch of bags for like $5, put on some gloves and clean up the garbage somewhere, like a park? No, you don't have to be some crazy environmentalist or hippie. It's not like there's a shortage of garbage lying around.

Sure, garbage can add a post-modern kind of look to the urban landscape, but in my opinion it gets old quick. Do you really enjoy living in your's and others' waste? Sure, you might be intelligent enough to dispose of your waste in a civilized manner. But the fact is, most people are stupid, and don't.

Perhaps you will have a chance of starting someone down the path to waste disposal enlightenment. If not, oh well, at least you get to be outdoors for a bit. I could just be crazy, but it does feel good afterward.

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